City Council Meeting 02-06-2018

Here are the highlights from the  February 6, 2018 meeting of the Lyons City Council: We reviewed the financial statements for the calendar year just ended. Director Michele Johnson updated us on the activities of the Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce. The Council rejected all bids on repairing and expanding the NE Wastewater Treatment Plant and… Continue reading City Council Meeting 02-06-2018

City Seeks GMA Counsel on Sewage Issue

On December 14, 2017, the City of Lyons opened the bids to refurbish both our NE and SE Sewage Treatment Facilities and increase the capacity of our NE facility. Our engineering consultant, Hofstadter and Associates, had predicted the cost to be around $14 million. The city was hoping for a minimum bid of around $12… Continue reading City Seeks GMA Counsel on Sewage Issue