A New Councilman Takes Office

On January 4, 2018, I was sworn in as the new councilman to represent Ward 1 of the City of Lyons, Georgia. As I embarked on this new journey, my first time ever serving as an elected public official, I was both honored to have this opportunity to serve and humbled that the people in my Ward had placed such confidence in me.

Every since I was elected on November 7, 2017, I have striven to prepare myself to be true to that trust. I have visited with each of the other councilmen and the mayor to get better acquainted with their vision for the city. I have talked to the city manager and had him introduce me to the heads of each of the city departments. I’ve toured the city properties, including the wastewater treatment facilities, police station, fire department, shop and looked at much of the equipment the city uses to carry out its services to the citizens.

I have been very impressed with the professionalism of everyone I have met and their commitment to public service. Meeting each of the city’s employees is something to which I look forward.

There is so much to learn to do this job right. The City Manager, Jason Hall, and the Clerk, Lynn Rowland, have already done a great job of lining me up for the training require of all newly elected city councilmen and I will be traveling to Atlanta soon to get that training. I have worked in government all my life (Georgia Department of Revenue) and may have a bit of a head start on those who normally are elected to this position, but most of my experience has been with state and county government, so some training specific to the issues that face city governments will certainly be beneficial.

There are also great opportunities through the Georgia Municipal Association to network with elected officials from other cities and share ideas, learning about common problems and opportunities for solving those problems.

I also appreciate how officials from the Toombs County Development Authority, the Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce and the Toombs County Commissioners have already reached out to me to let me know they are ready and willing to assist in getting me fully aware of all the things a councilman needs to know to best serve his citizens. Our State Senator, Blake Tillery, and our State Representative, Greg Morris, have both greeted me and expressed their readiness to help me achieve my goals for the city.

Our republic is a representative form of government where citizens choose representatives to attend to their governmental needs, so it is only proper that I let you know how I am voting where you can evaluate whether I am doing a good job representing you.

This blog is dedicated to the citizens of Ward 1 in the City of Lyons but I welcome any other citizens of our fair city who wants to follow the actions of the Lyons City Council from this councilman’s perspective.

Click here to be taken to the main website of the city of Lyons.

Larry M. Griggers, Councilman
Ward 1, City of Lyons, Georgia

2 thoughts on “A New Councilman Takes Office

  1. Larry
    Very thorough article. I can tell that Lyons will benefit from your service, and I detect some solid GT analysis and problem solving. Can’t get too much of that!


    1. Thank you, Harry. 22 years of working for the Property Tax Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue will inure in one an appreciation for explaining major projects like this. People are much more supportive of their government when they think it’s officials are being straight with them! I’m a great believer in full disclosure when it comes to the people’s business!


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